Cat on the Scent-A book for animal lovers

I picked up Cat on the Scent at a small second hand store because of the shop owner’s recommendation. It didn’t disappoint. Having never read any in the series before, I was a little overwhelmed by the vast number of characters at the beginning. Yet by the end, they were all so familiar and thoroughly fleshed. Even the side character animals felt unique.

Although it’s set in the 90’s, you can’t really tell except in one or two spots. The story switches pov’s seamlessly from humans to animal creating an intriguing story. There are several plots going on all at once, just like real life, and at the end, they all tie in together.

Overall, the mystery was much better than I expected. It was more creative than most shows and books I’ve read. I could guess some elements with the hints Brown left, but I was shocked at some of the other reveal. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing read, I’d definitely give this book a chance.  I know I’ll be picking up another in the series soon.


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