Lessons in Classical Painting- Perfect for learning to paint on your own

I am in love with the way Juliette Aristides writes Lessons in Classical Painting, just as she is clearly in love with painting. The writing is poetic and encouraging. She uses her own life to explain the difficulties an artist might face, but still pushes the reader to pursue art despite its difficulties.

The book is beautifully organized. It is organized like an in person painting workshop would be. Each chapter focuses on a different topic with lessons and exercises. I was glad to notice that I’ve received some of the same advice in previous art classes I’ve taken. However, there were a lot of new lessons for me.

Aristides uses paintings from great artists to describe the process. I got a lot of ah ha moments about why I was drawn to certain pieces as I read her descriptions about different works. It also broke up the large chunks of writing, so it seemed less like a textbook.

This book lays down exercises to strengthen your painting fundamentals. If you’re just learning and you take the time to do these lessons, your painting will improve. It would also a be a great refresher book for someone who’s stepped away from painting and wants to get back into it.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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