Creativity and Innovation: Theory, Research, and Practice by Jonathan Plucker, Ph.D.- A Review

When I got this book, I expected a chaptered non-fiction book. What I got instead was a collection of academic papers. The pieces  aren’t overly difficult to read. However, many of them have lots of citations so it also doesn’t feel like a leisurely read.

The good thing about this book is that it’s easy to read in pieces. You’ll also get something out of it if you only read a few pages, as that’s how long an article is. Each chapter has a “Key Take Away” before it, that allows readers to get a brief idea of what the article will be about. I found it a great resource in choosing what chapters I wanted to read first.

Overall, this is an interesting book for those looking to go deeper into the field of creativity, but it takes time to completely digest the information.

Overall- 3/5


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