Story Genius by Lisa Cron- A Review

Story Genius is in essence a writing workshop book. It takes you through pre-planning and then back through your story after you’ve written it. Lisa Cron tries to take the book in a different direction to than most. She wants us to focus on the building a story based on the character’s struggles. As she puts it “the electricity that illuminates the [story]…. flows directly from how the protagonist is making sense of what’s happening, how she struggles with it.” This is great advice, and I completely agree with it. What I had a hard time with is Cron’s writing.


I found Story Genius difficult to get through. It feels as though she took a high school English class on how to write an essay and applied it to an entire book. At the same time, the book has a very casual tone that I don’t think works. There were a lot of repetitive statements in the beginning. This felt pretty ironic in a book where several of chapter exercises focused on being concise and getting to the point.


However, Cron does do a good job of bringing in examples, and the exercises are useful. I’d suggest skimming the chapters and focusing on the exercises.


Overall Rating- 3/5


If you wanna learn more about the book, here’s a link:

Disclaimer- I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



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